the natural choice

a great alternative to traditional bricks and cement based products

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speed of construction

larger bricks mean walls go up quicker

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vapour permeable

Mudtec bricks are breathable, stabilising humidity and reducing mould growth in homes

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fire resistant

non-combustible earth bricks are a great choice for bush land or fire prone areas

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low embodied energy

un-fired pressed bricks made with over 90% locally sourced natural materials

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beautiful earthen finish

Mudtec blocks look great in their natural state, however they also lend themselves to a range of natural render finishes

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  • Great Thermal Mass

    Great Thermal Mass

    Thermal mass is great for regulating climate when combined with good insulation
  • Fire Resistant

    Fire Resistant

    totally fire proof for building in bushland and fire prone areas
  • Variety of Walling Solutions

    Variety of Walling Solutions

    Talk to us about using our bricks to construct your home - our consultants are here to help
  • Feature Walls

    Feature Walls

    our blocks can be used to create a unique feature wall rendered or un-rendered
  • Landscaping


    as well as retaining walls our blocks are great for garden walls and edging
  • Customised to order

    Customised to order

    Size, shape, colour and material can be customised to specification
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  • Local Natural Materials

    Local Natural Materials

    This means low embodied energy with minimal inputs and transporatation
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  • Easy to Work With

    Easy to Work With

    Compressed earth blocks are easy to cut and because of their size walls go up really quickly
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  • Load Bearing Walls

    Load Bearing Walls

    Our blocks are very strong, great for creating load bearing walls in any building structure
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  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls

    great for retaining walls - approved by engineers
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Our Story

Welcome to MUDTEC, where our mission is to revolutionize the building industry by making natural building materials more accessible. Founded by building designers Kenney and Will, MUDTEC was born out of a passion for sustainability and a desire to provide a viable alternative to conventional construction materials.

Our Story

As graduates of architecture and practitioners in the field of building design, Kenney and Will embarked on a journey to find sustainable alternatives to traditional concrete and fired clay masonry. Their quest led them to compressed earth bricks (CEBs), a natural building material with immense potential for creating environmentally friendly structures. However, they encountered a significant gap in the market – there were no readily available sources for CEBs. Determined to fill this void, MUDTEC was established in 2019.

Our Impact

Since its inception, MUDTEC has been dedicated to supplying earth bricks to various projects, starting with the Narara Ecovillage on the Central Coast of NSW. The Narara Ecovillage, renowned for its commitment to sustainable living and high-performance housing, served as an ideal testing ground for MUDTEC's products. With successful projects under our belt, we have expanded our reach along the east coast, providing earth bricks to numerous developments.

Our Passion

At MUDTEC, we are driven by a passion for reducing the environmental footprint of the building industry. We believe that by shifting towards low-impact building materials derived from natural sources, we can create healthier environments and more sustainable homes. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products; it permeates every aspect of our business, from manufacturing to construction.

The Benefits of Natural Building

Choosing MUDTEC means embracing a host of benefits inherent in natural building materials. From lower carbon emissions during manufacturing to improved indoor air quality in finished homes, our products offer a holistic solution for eco-conscious builders and homeowners alike. By prioritizing sustainability without compromising on performance, we empower our customers to build a better future for generations to come.

Join us in our mission to build a greener, healthier world, one brick at a time. Experience the MUDTEC difference today.


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Latest Projects


We are currently happy to be providing our products to a number of projects on the Central Coast of NSW, including homes being built at the NARARA ECO VILLAGE of which require a high 7 in the Nathers energy rating system. The blocks are also being used at the village for landscaping and retaining walls.

What our Clients Say

  • We were very happy with Jimmy. Both his attitude, communication and the quality of his work
    George Gilmore Narara Eco Village - New House Construction
  • As an owner builder I've found the bricks are great to work with, and the guys at MUDTEC have gone out of their way to assist with my build, which is fantastic.
    Ben Smith Owner Builder Narara Eco Village
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Bespoke orders for colours finishes and sizes our speciality talk to one of our natural building consultants about your project and individual requirements today.

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