External or internal load bearing applications:
Mudtec blocks can be laid in either a 250mm or 350mm thick wall depending on what is required. A double block wall can be laid if a greater thickness is required by engineering or if insulation is to be incorporated internally.

Non load bearing or brick veneer applications:
Mudtec blocks can be installed as an 80mm thick veneer externally or as a reverse brick veneer (internal). or on edge for an infill or partition wall achieving a wall thickness of 120mm.

Feature walls:
Colour and texture rich, Mudtec blocks provide a unique opportunity for a feature wall.

Thermal mass storage:
An internal feature wall can also double as a thermal battery, helping to maintain a constant comfortable temperature all year round

As a result of the durability, strength and natural appearance of our blocks they have been used as retaining walls, and garden beds.


Features & Benefits:

Beautiful earthen finish:
Having the natural appearance of compressed earth, they can be left raw; displaying the natural colours and textures of the soil used. However, if desired, our blocks can also be rendered over using a breathable lime or clay plaster.

Thermal Comfort:
Acting as a thermal battery, their ‘mass’ absorbs the ambient temperature and slowly releases it, balancing out the high and low temperature fluctuations. A great example is in solar passive house design, positioning a block wall to receive the winter sun to store this warmth for the cold evenings.

Earth walls absorb excess moisture, which reduces the potential of mold and allergens to develop. These benefits combined with the fact that our blocks contain no toxic chemicals or VOC’s create a truly healthy product.

Fire resistant:
Made from non-combustible materials, ideal for building in bushland and fire prone areas.

Low embodied energy:
Produced though the compaction of local soils our blocks are not kiln fired. They require little to no cement due to the bonding characteristics of clay.

Customised to order:
At Mudtec we love and encourage creativity and are happy to work with you to create something unique. Striking results can be achieved by using different soil mixes, adding colourful oxides or changing the block height - size, shape, colour, rough or smooth finish, and material can be customised to specification.

Block types:

In General Mudtec produce 2 types of blocks with holes and blocks without holes, each of which can be stabilized or un-stabilized depending on their use and requirements.

  • Blocks with holes: The holes are great for linking the slab to the walls using rio or likewise for linking the roof to the wall or slab. Through careful planning services can run through these holes also such as electrical conduit. The holes also provide a block that is easier to handle and install as you can use the holes to grip the block and it is slightly lighter than our solid block.
  • Solid blocks: The solid blocks have the advantage that they can be installed on their side to create a thinner faster to install wall, such as an internal wall. They also have a slightly greater thermal mass than our blocks with holes.

Bespoke orders for colours finishes and sizes our speciality talk to one of our natural building consultants about your project and individual requirements today.

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