FEATURE PROJECT - The Bean House + Round Sanctuary Dwelling


Benjamin Smith is another Mudtec client featured in The Owner Builder magazine with his unique house at The Narara Ecovillage. Ben's passion for natural building took on exciting forms, using our blocks primarily for retaining walls and landscaping purposes.

Working closely with an engineer to achieve curves of various radii enabled Ben to minimise bulk material, including concrete. Ben's project shows how Mudtec Blocks can be cut and laid easily with a few simple tools, making them extremely user friendly for owner-builders.

Mudtec Blocks naturally have a tremendous aesthetic and can be finished in a variety of ways.

Externally, Ben has chosen to lime render some blocks and add a breathable sealant in other areas. A selection of natural materials, including rendered light straw clay, stone and recycled timber, will feature alongside Mudtec Blocks to complete his dream home.

Mudtec facilitated natural building workshops for Ben, including light straw clay, cob and clay rendering.

Mudtec has specialised equipment and years of experience, which help to make these workshops highly efficient in output for the owners and really fun for the participants!

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Check out the article in The Owner Builder Magazine

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