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CASE STUDY – Reverse Brick Veneer Home

Dan and Deborah, with their architects at Delisle Hunt Wood Pty Ltd, have created a beautifully efficient home with high-quality natural materials. Our blocks have been used internally in a reverse brick veneer construction, utilising standard timber framing and clad externally in Weathertex cladding.

Mudtec Blocks provide internal thermal mass to help regulate and stabilise internal temperature. This thermal mass, or thermal battery as it’s sometimes referred to, is insulated from the external temperature variations by Life Panels’ Pavaflex wood fibre bulk infill within the timber framing. The whole house is sealed in a breathable thermal wrap by Pro-Clima before being clad for that final layer of protection. Not only do our blocks help stabilise temperature, but due to their ‘breathability’, they help regulate humidity, providing a more well-rounded thermal comfort.

This construction method is ideal for producing high performance passive thermal comfort with the correct solar orientation and window placement. Mudtec Blocks feature in almost every room of the house and will look great in a variety of finishes, bagged, rendered, and sealed. Sustainable Building Design with attractive and durable materials go hand in hand to make the house look beautiful and create a calm environment for their family home.

Designer - Delisle Hunt Wood Pty Ltd

BuilderLou Projects

Block Type – Standard Holey + Solid blocks

Block Size - 110mm high x 350mm long x 250mm deep

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