• Great Thermal Mass

    Great Thermal Mass

    Thermal mass is great for regulating climate when combined with good insulation
  • Fire Resistant

    Fire Resistant

    totally fire proof for building in bushland and fire prone areas
  • Variety of Walling Solutions

    Variety of Walling Solutions

    Talk to us about using our bricks to construct your home - our consultants are here to help
  • Feature Walls

    Feature Walls

    our blocks can be used to create a unique feature wall rendered or un-rendered
  • Landscaping


    as well as retaining walls our blocks are great for garden walls and edging
  • Customised to order

    Customised to order

    Size, shape, colour and material can be customised to specification
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  • Local Natural Materials

    Local Natural Materials

    This means low embodied energy with minimal inputs and transporatation
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  • Easy to Work With

    Easy to Work With

    Compressed earth blocks are easy to cut and because of their size walls go up really quickly
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  • Load Bearing Walls

    Load Bearing Walls

    Our blocks are very strong, great for creating load bearing walls in any building structure
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  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls

    great for retaining walls - approved by engineers
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  • Strong and solid like Rammed Earth.
    Much like rammed earth our blocks achieve their strength and durability from combining carefully selected local soils that are compacted under 2000psi and cured for 2 - 4 weeks. Once cured sample blocks are tested to ensure we meet the requirements of the engineer, builder, architects and in general to ensure we are providing the best possible product.

  • Environmentally conscious.
    Important to note is that our blocks are not kiln fired like conventional bricks nor do they depend on the excessive use of cement or additives like a concrete block. Additionally the thermal mass of a wall built from our blocks helps to keep indoor temperatures stable even in the coldest winter nights or hottest summer days, resulting in less dependency on electricity to heat and cool your home.

  • Healthy and Natural.
    With over 25% clay content to regulate humidity. Without toxic VOCs to help you breath easy.

  • Fire restistant like Stone.
    A great choice for building in bush fire prone areas or where fire proofing is essential.

  • Naturally coloured by the earth.
    Our bricks take on the beautiful natural colour of the soils we use in production and combine beautifully with other natural materials such as timber and stone.

Bespoke orders for colours finishes and sizes our speciality talk to one of our natural building consultants about your project and individual requirements today.

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