FEATURE PROJECT - Octagon House and Art Studio


The Narara Ecovillage is at the forefront of natural building and sustainable architecture, inspiring others to follow suit.

One of our client's building at the Ecovillage, Linda Scott, has been featured in 'The Owner Builder Magazine' as an example of high-quality natural building, creativity, and her journey as an owner-builder.

Mudtec had the pleasure of working with Linda to assist her as an owner-builder. Her build features an Octagon strawbale house with a bamboo megastructure consisting of a bamboo post and beam structure with a reciprocal roof. Here Mudtec blocks are used as a central 'spine' feature wall that links all the spaces together and guides movement through the house.

Linda collected a large quantity of orange oxide to add to our standard mix, achieving a truly unique effect. While looking beautiful, this wall also acts as a thermal mass wall, or as we call it, a thermal battery. Combining a thermal battery with high insulative qualities of external strawbale walls ensures a comfortable home all year round.

Throughout the build of the Octagon house, Mudtec provided a complete natural building solution, including Project management, custom-designed natural building products with a specialised natural building team. Mudtec also collaborated with Linda and various other craftsmen and creatives on a project at the Ecovillage called 'Art Studio'. As a result, we've turned Linda's vision for her dream earth-sheltered art studio and performance space into a reality that embodies creativity and natural building at its finest.

Dug into the side of a hill with earth burmed up to and over the roof, the build uses the strength of super adobe in combination with a large locally sourced bush pole and hardwood roof beams to support the heavy loads imposed upon it. While forming a robust structure, these materials allowed for an organic spiralling design that will enable one's imagination to be free! Throughout the build of both the 'Octagon house' and the 'Art studio,' Mudtec enjoyed facilitating a variety of workshops to not only help get the job done but to share our knowledge and passion for natural building. We hope that many more will follow


Integrated Biotecture Design – Design and bamboo construction consultation

Zen industrial – Custom metal fabrication and installations

Curvatecture – Super Adobe walling system of the earth sheltered 'Art studio.'

The BeanFarm Studio – Carpentry and craftmanship: Custom made windows and doors from reclaimed hardwoods

Fulcrum designs – Carpentry and craftmanship: Roof beams and deck, stairs


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