Will’s House renovation using Mudtec Blocks


A unique renovation in progress that is using Mudtec blocks to create an Eco revamp to this fibro house on metal posts that is common to the area. Here the deco blocks are used to create two storey columns to support a deck to the upper storey and a roof over that provides protection from the elements in particular the hot afternoon sun and coastal winds.

The blocks consist of slight variations in colour that along with the imperfect texture create a unique enduring and timeless finish. Soon to come is the central staircase that will connect the new addition of a kitchen and lounge downstairs with the bedrooms upstairs.

The project also uses the blocks to create a front fence that matches the front façade further demonstrating the versatility of these blocks even in a landscaping environment. The blocks compliment the garden visually, while also providing a durable walling system.

Designer: Integrated Biotecture Design

Location: San Remo, Central Coast

Block type: Bespoke Deco block w/ color variations – (decomposed granite)

Dimensions: 110mm high x 350mm long x 250mm deep

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